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Mulesoft Integration Architect Exam Study Materials

Mulesoft Integration Architect Exam Study Materials

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The technical excellence, governance (ensuring compliance), and operationalization of the integration solutions should all be under the direction and control of a MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect for the organization. With the help of technical and non-technical stakeholders, an architect can transform functional and non-functional requirements into integration interfaces and implementations by passing the MCIA - Level 1 exam, which verifies that the architect possesses the necessary knowledge and abilities. Candidates who are qualified should be able to:

Design integration solutions at a high level and advise implementation teams on the Mule components and patterns to employ in the fine-grained design and implementation.

With any of the various deployment choices (MuleSoft-hosted or customer-hosted control plane and runtime plane), choose the deployment strategy and configuration of Anypoint Platform.

Create Mule programs for any of the runtime plane's accessible deployment choices on Anypoint Platform.

To assure solution quality, use standard development methodologies that encompass the entire development lifecycle (project preparation, analysis, design, programming, testing, deployment, and support).

Give technical teams advice regarding the Anypoint Platform's integration solutions' performance, scalability, reliability, monitoring, and other operational issues.

Create reusable resources, parts, frameworks, standards, and procedures to assist and support API and integration initiatives.


  • Format: Multiple-choice, closed book, proctored, online
  • Length: 60 questions
  • Duration: 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Pass score: 70%
  • Language: English

You can take the exam a maximum of 5 times, with a 24-hour wait between each attempt.

Cost The exam costs $400 to acquire. There is also a free retest included. A free retake is not included with additional retakes (i.e., tries 3 to 5), which are discounted by 50%.

With the purchase of the instructor-led Anypoint Platform Architecture: Integration Solutions course, two complimentary test tries are also included.


The certification is only valid for two years after you pass the exam. Take the MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect - Level 1 MAINTENANCE exam to extend the certification's validity after this time.


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