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Copado Fundamental 1 Certification Exam Study Guide

Copado Fundamental 1 Certification Exam Study Guide

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  1. The Fundamentals I certification offered by Copado is intended for users with limited Copado knowledge. This certification covers fundamental Copado features like commits, deployments, and promotions, as well as how Copado works with your repository.

Exam Guidelines

The test consists of 30 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions.

You have 60 minutes to complete the test.

The passing score is 70%.

You have 2 attempts to pass the test.

The retake fee is USD 250.00.

Exam Topics

What Is Copado

16% of the exam:

Copado features.

Standard Development Lifecycle vs. Development Lifecycle with Copado

Commit Changes

36% of the exam:

Commit changes.

Commit incremental changes.

Commit full profiles.

Branching Strategy

13 % of the exam:

Copado branching strategy.


20 % of the exam:

Promote and deploy vs. promote.

Promotion process.

Promotion branch.

Promotion best practices.

Back Promotion

15 % of the exam:

Back promotion process.

Back promotion best practices.

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