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Copado Study Materials

Copado Consultant Certification Exam Study Guide

Copado Consultant Certification Exam Study Guide

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Copado Consultant Certification Exam

Copado’s Consultant certification is designed for users with intermediate knowledge of Copado and want to learn about implementing and setting up Copado, while considering best practices for future improvements. This certification provides insights into installation, Git Repository Connections and Security, ALM Integrations, Org Credentials and sharing, Git Snapshots, and branching strategies, amongst other things.

Recommended Salesforce Knowledge Prerequisites

– Role hierarchy

– Sandbox management

– Sharing model

– Development lifecycle

Exam Guidelines

The test consists of 30 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions.

You have 60 minutes to complete the test.

The passing score is 70%.

You have 2 attempts to pass the test.

The retake fee is USD $500.00

You will have to wait 24h before being able to register for the exam again.

Exam Topics

Setup & Installation

10% of the exam:

When to start using Copado

Salesforce editions

Copado resources and help

Agile Integrations

10% of the exam:

Bidirectional and unidirectional integrations

ALM providers

Integration settings

Webhooks & External Jobs

8% of the exam:

Considerations for use

Prerequisites for Copado Webhooks API

CI Jobs

Implementation Best Practices

10% of the exam:

Setting up successful implementations

Rollout and Go Live considerations


Governance & Administration

13% of the exam:


Quality Gates


Operations & Continuous Improvement

13% of the exam:

Best practices

Community resources

Org Credentials

Copado Platform Insights

36% of the exam:

Pipelines & pipeline connections

Branching strategies

Legacy Copado

Git Snapshots

Environment Landscapes


Conflict Resolution

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