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Salesforce certifications – Most Preffered in Industry

Salesforce is well known for its customer relationship management platform. It provides some certification programs for its employees. Salesforce certifications are the standard education programs that justify an employee is capable in a certain field irrespective of his /her qualification. There are different types of Salesforce certifications are available. 

Those are:- 

  1.  Salesforce Administrator 

This certification validates that the employee is capable to work with stakeholders to explain the requirementscustomize the platform and empower the customers to get the best out of Salesforce. The administrator is also responsible for automating the business process, creating reports and helping the users to use Salesforce. 

This certification has four credentials. Those are :- 

  • Administrator 
  • Advanced Administrator 
  • Platform App Builder  
  • CPQ Specialist 


2.   Salesforce Architect 

Salesforce Architect certification has three parts- 

  • Sharing visibility Designer

This professional is responsible for designing and building high level technical solutions on the Salesforce platform across domain expertise area. 

  • Data management and Architecture Designer 

It enables the professional to gain knowledge and skill in the particular field. 

  • Integration Architecture Designer

These professionals are capable to work in domain area. 

3.   Salesforce Developer 

A Salesforce developer uses his/her coding skills to customize the applications at Salesforce. Salesforce developer credentials are  

  • Platform App Builder 
  • Platform Developer I 
  • Platform Developer II 
  • B2C Commerce Developer 
  • Marketing Cloud Developer 


4.   Salesforce Marketer 

Salesforce Marketer is responsible for creating marketing strategies and delivering effective services. 

Salesforce Marketer credentials are – 

  • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist 
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant 
  • Marketing Cloud Developer 
  • Pardot Consultant 
  • Pardot Specialist 


5.  Salesforce Consultant 

As a Salesforce consultant have to meet the business challenges and solve them with improvements. You need to deliver the best using Salesforce and ensure that customers are happy. 

Salesforce Consultant credentials are- 

  • Community Cloud Consultant 
  • Education Cloud Consultant 
  • Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant 
  • Field Service Lightning Consultant 
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant 
  • Non-profit Cloud Consultant 
  • Pardot Consultant 
  • Sales Cloud Consultant 
  • Service Cloud Consultant 


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