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Salesforce Certification

Salesforce Developer Training (Live Classes)

Salesforce Developer Training (Live Classes)

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Duration of course : 2 Months

Slots Available: Weekdays Alternate / Weekends

Salesforce Developer online training with LIVE Classes provides you with an opportunity to explore career opportunities as a Salesforce Developer .
This opportunity is a must for professionals who are willing to enrich their career with experience related to Salesforce development.
Students will be able to get hands-on training in the subjects related to Salesforce Developer .

Course contents :

Apex Fundamentals
What is Apex
When should I use Apex
What are the Limitations of Apex
Apex Development Process
Writing Apex
Writing Tests
Deploying Apex
Apex Development Tools
Getting Started with Apex
Creating a custom Object
Adding an Apex Class
Adding an Apex Trigger
Adding a Test Class
Data Types
Primitive Data Types
sObject Types
Collections (Lists, Sets, Maps)
Conditional Statements (IF-ELSE)
Loops (Do-While, While, For – Traditional, Iteration, SOQL)
Classes, Interface & Properties
Defining Apex Classes
Declaring Class Variables
Defining Class Methods
Using Constructors
Access Modifiers
Static & Instance methods and classes
Interfaces and extending classes
Enforcing object and field permissions
Exception Handling
Data Manipulation using Apex
Querying using SOQL & SOSL
DML Statements (Insert, Update, Upsert, Merge, Delete, Restore)
Database DML Methods
DML Exceptions and Error Handling
Trigger Syntax
Trigger Context Variables
Bulk Triggers
Trigger Exceptions
Testing Apex
Running Test Methods
Deploying Apex
Using Change Sets
Using IDE
Using Migration Tool
Projects- Integration
SOAP and REST web services
Visualforce Fundamentals
What is Visualforce
Visualforce Architecture
When to use Visualforce
Benefits of Visualforce
Tools for Visualforce Development
Getting Started with Visualforce
Creating your first page
Adding fields to a Visualforce page (for displaying, accepting input, changing field labels, dependent picklists)
Using the Visualforce Component Library
Overriding an existing page with a Visualforce page
Displaying Related List on a Visualforce Page
Displaying Table of Data on a page
Using Query String Parameters
Rendering a page as a PDF
Global variables, formulas, functions (Date and Time, Logical, Math, Text etc. and expression operators (Math, Logical, Text)
Creating re-usable components
Creating and using custom components
Templating with Visualforce
Styling Visualforce Pages
Using Salesforce Styles
Extending Salesforce Styles
Using Custom Styles
Using Static Resources
Standard Controllers
Using Standard Controllers
Accessing Data through Standard Controllers
Using Standard Controller Actions
Validation Rules and Standard Controllers
Checking Object Accessibility
Standard List Controllers
Associating with a Visualforce Page
Accessing Data
Using Actions
Using List Views
Editing Records
Custom Controllers & Controller Extensions
Building custom controller and controller extension
Building custom list controller
Defining Controller Methods (Action, Getter, Setter, Navigation)
Validation rules and custom controllers
Using transient keyword
Mass updating records with a custom list controller
Considerations for creating custom controllers and extensions
Apex Classes used in Visualforce Controllers
Testing custom controllers and controller extensions


After Course completion students will be able to apply for developer positions in salesforce.Also we will provide PD1 certification materials.

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