Numerous methodologies are covered in the content of this certification, including Jobs To Be Done, Journey Mapping, Prototyping, V2MOM, How Might We Statements, Consequence Scanning, etc.While at times they may seem a little abstract, the certification material is extremely precise about the intent behind each of these techniques and the circumstances in which they ought to be applied. For instance, the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) paradigm places a strong emphasis on comprehending the issue area of the client or stakeholder. Finding potential solutions is not the aim of the JTBD content in the Strategy Design certification (there are other tools in the cert for that purpose).

The majority of the certification test is choosing the optimal Strategy Designer tool or approach based on several business situations.

This certification aims to aid Salesforce workers in developing their innovation abilities by teaching them techniques for thoroughly understanding clients, formulating theories to address their challenges, and rigorously testing those theories.

Despite being on the Designer certification track, this certification is not only for experienced designers. The Salesforce professionals who work on or are interested in working on Salesforce deployments, particularly transformation projects, should pursue this certification. Administrators, business analysts, architects, and developers would fall under this category.


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