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Duration of course : 1.5 Months

Slots Available: Weekdays Alternate / Weekends

Salesforce Administrator online training with LIVE Classes provides you with an opportunity to explore career opportunities as a Salesforce Administrator.
This opportunity is a must for professionals who are willing to enrich their career with experience related to Salesforce.
Students will be able to get hands-on training in the subjects related to Salesforce Administrator.

Course contents :

Types of Objects
Standard Objects
Custom Objects
Types of Fields
Standard Fields
Custom Fields
Types of Relationships
Field Dependency
Different types of Email templates
HTML (using Letterhead)
Custom (without using Letterhead)
Custom application
Console application
Field Accessibility
Grant Login Access
Console Tab
Trusted IP Ranges
Session Settings
Different types of tabs
Custom Object Tab
Web Tab
Visualforce Tab
Field History Tracking in Salesforce
Feed Tracking
View setup audit trail
Organization Wide Default
Role Hierarchy
Sharing Rules
Permission Sets
Password Policies
Developer console
Validation Rules
Workflow rules
Email Alert
Field Update
Outbound Message
Approval process
Reports and Dashboards
Scheduling reports
Report Types
Adding dashboards in Home page
Chatter Desktop
Public Groups
Assignment Rules
Auto Response Rule
Domain Registration
Search Layouts
Search Results
Lookup Dialogs
Lookup Phone Dialogs
Accounts Tab
Accounts List View
Search Filter Fields
Page Layout
Mini Console View
Mini Page Layout
Record Types
Apex Data loader tool Explorer tool Sites
Data Management
Analytic Snapshots
Import Accounts/Contacts
Import Leads
Import Solutions
Import Custom Objects
Data Export
Storage Usage
Mass Transfer Records
Mass Delete Records
Mass Transfer Approval Requests
Mass Update Addresses
Data Loader
MVC Pattern
Tags in Salesforce
Live Agent
Public Solutions
Chatter Answers
Entitlement Management
How to access Salesforce from all IP Ranges – App Exchange application
Mass Edit, Delete – App Exchange application
Login Hours restriction for Profiles
Edit, Delete and Clone Buttons
App Exchange
Chat Settings(Chat Window)
Email to Case
Schema Builder
Visualforce page
Actions in Salesforce
How to expire all the users password in Salesforce?
How Salesforce login works?
Account, Opportunity and Case teams
Manual Sharing
Renaming Tab Names and Labels
Merge tool
Chatter Approval Request
Opportunity Split
Multi-Tenant Architecture
Creating Custom Tab Style in Salesforce
Historical Trend Reporting
Splash Page creation
Escalation Rules
Adding Multiple Users
Account Hierarchy


After the completion of the course : Student will be able to apply for admin certification and will be able to successfully pass .