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Top 5 CRM Cloud Platforms

The top 5 CRM cloud platforms are: Salesforce Insightly Active Campaign HubSpot CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365   SALESFORCE: Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company that is headquartered in […]
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Salesforce certifications – Most Preffered in Industry

Salesforce is well known for its customer relationship management platform. It provides some certification programs for its employees. Salesforce certifications are the standard education programs that justify an employee is capable in a certain field irrespective […]
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Most Preffered Microsoft Certification

Microsoft offers a broad range of products like Microsoft Office applications, Business intelligence, Visualisation, Database management, enterprise applications management and many other products. For learning these IT technologies Microsoft provides  various Certification programs to the professionals. Microsoft certification programs […]
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Cloud Computing – Rapid Growth in IT industry

Cloud Computing  Cloud computing is the latest technology that delivers IT services via Internet on the basis of pay for use. This technology enables the cloud customers to access IT resources easily and pay only for the services used by them. The customers store and access the […]
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Salesforce Interview Questions 2019

LTI Interview Salesforce Developer 2019 – Technical Round (0-2 Years) What is Salesforce and what are the different clouds that salesforce uses  ? How many relationship types are there […]
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